Thursday, 3 November 2011

Memory Sales = Cold Hard Cash

This week i've been struggling with my personal cash flow. It's been just a few days since I was paid by my employer and i've paid all my bills, i've paid my credit cards more than the minimum payment in an effort to clear them off, hey I even cut them up last month to prevent using them. But i am already skint.

Been looking around my house at items I can sell on eBay for the doubling challenge. I've found at this stage that selling items is an easier way of progressing the stages until later on. I found some no longer used Micro-SD memory cards from old mobile phones that were in a drawer. Thought to myself, hey if I can clear just a few pounds for these each then thats progress towards the next stage. So I listed the memory cards and calculated postage for them, costs as per eBay and Paypal fees.

So after selling 8 cards here are the figures:

Total cash earned: £17.12
eBay fees: £3.72
Paypal fees: £2.17
Postage fees: £2.34 (8 x £0.39)

Total afterwards: £8.89

One thing im disappointed about by this was the amount of fees i've had to pay to achieve this step.

Starting total: £2.60
Money made in this stage £8.89
Ending total: £11.49

This means i've completed step 10 and reached £5. But also i've also reached the step 11 threshold.

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