Wednesday, 16 June 2010

5 up

Step 10 - £2.50 to £5.00

Method: Got out of the when I arrived home from work and found 5p in the gutter where I usually park my car.

Starting Bal: £3.94
Finish Bal: £3.99
To complete step: £1.01

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Decision time

I'm going to use the penny jar I was using from my previous attempt at doubling. I've been adding loose change to it as i've found it in my pocket over the past year.

Pile of coins

A quick count of the above coins reveals £3.74 (134x 1p, 45x 2p, 4x 5p, 6x 10p, 1x 20p and 1x50p). So adding that to the £0.20 i've found by searching gives me a total of £3.94.

Sorted coins

I've been thinking about using this source to bumps me up a few steps in the doubling but wondered whether or not it is in the spirit of the doubling process. I figure as its original intention was as part of the doubling process then, why not. I’m happy in myself about this and feel that I’m not cheating myself by jumping a few steps in the doubling process.

So £3.94 takes me to step 10 :). £1.06 to find by either searching or another method to complete step 10 and on to step 11.

ideas for fundraisers

Starting balance £0.20
Ending balance £3.94

Step 5 - Searched the car

Step 5 £0.08 - £0.16

My car is a mess. After a recent trip to visit family the car was full of mess, empty soft drinks cans, receipts and other rubbish. A quick tidy up revealed 12 pence in change, 1x 5p coins, 2x 2p coins and 3x 1p coins.

This brings my total to £0.20.

Method: Car interior searching.

Starting balance £0.08
Ending balance £0.20

Step 5 complete.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Added a gauge

Was thinking of ways to brighten up this blog and whilst reviewing other doublers websites I came across the funding gauge used on

I liked the idea so followed the link and got my own


Monday, 7 June 2010

Step 4 completed after a visit to the vending machine

Step 4 £0.04 - £0.08

Was a touch thirsty a work today. So counted up my change from my loose change container (a cufflink presentation case) and went the to vending machine for a drink. I purchased a Pepsi, other soft drinks are available. As my can was vended I checked the change return trap and found a 1p piece.

As my current total was £0.07 I only needed 1p to make me reach step 5 (£0.08) from the 5p I found previous.

Method: Vending machine searching

Starting balance: £0.07
Finishing balance: £0.08

Step 3 - I found a 5p piece

Step 3 £0.02 - £0.04

The other day I parked my car in a backstreet carpark behind a garage. Whilst I was there a quick scan of the ground revealed a shiny silver 5 pence piece. A smile spread across my face as I picked it up a put it in my pocket, i'm 5p closer and every penny counts.

Method: Ground searching

Starting Balance: £0.02
Ending Balance: £0.07