Thursday, 10 June 2010

Decision time

I'm going to use the penny jar I was using from my previous attempt at doubling. I've been adding loose change to it as i've found it in my pocket over the past year.

Pile of coins

A quick count of the above coins reveals £3.74 (134x 1p, 45x 2p, 4x 5p, 6x 10p, 1x 20p and 1x50p). So adding that to the £0.20 i've found by searching gives me a total of £3.94.

Sorted coins

I've been thinking about using this source to bumps me up a few steps in the doubling but wondered whether or not it is in the spirit of the doubling process. I figure as its original intention was as part of the doubling process then, why not. I’m happy in myself about this and feel that I’m not cheating myself by jumping a few steps in the doubling process.

So £3.94 takes me to step 10 :). £1.06 to find by either searching or another method to complete step 10 and on to step 11.

ideas for fundraisers

Starting balance £0.20
Ending balance £3.94

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