Friday, 28 October 2011

Update - 1 year on

Well i've not thought about this blog for some time. Reason is, I bought a house and moved in. It was more important to me at the time. Also I welcomed the birth of my second son at the beginning of 2011.

Now as we draw to the winter months and the nights draw in, I'm looking forward to 2012. And what to do with my time during the remainder of 2011? Well it's time to start doubling again.

So where am I with the Doubling to £1,000,000.........

Well I have found my doubling jar. Its contents currenty stand at £2.51 and 10CZK (Czech Republic Krona). I must have raided the jar a few time in the last year for a odd coin or two. I dunno how the Czech Krona coin got in there, but I can not count it towards my total. Also, the Czech Republic now use the Euro so its no longer legel tender.

So...... my total is £2.51 in copper coins. That puts me at Step 10.

Starting balance: £3.99
Ending balance: £2.51

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