Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Challenge Update: Day 56

Well its been a month since I last updated this so I'll tell you what has been happening.

I won an Xbox 360 Arcade in a competition at the end of October. I already have an Xbox so I put this prize up for sale on eBay. The Xbox had been opened and plugged in so I earnt £110.00. eBay fees for the sale were £8.48. So overall I earnt £101.52 from the sale of the Xbox.

I also sold some unused Minidiscs on eBay for a price of £10.50. eBay fees of £1.05 meant I earnt £9.45 from the auction.

So current earnings to date are:
  • Music Magpie £17.10
  • eBay sale (Xbox) £101.52
  • eBay sale (Minidiscs) £9.45

Total earning so far £128.07 (42% of target)

Date: 25th November
Date Target: £304.64
Current Balance: £128.07
Difference: £176.57
Verdict: Still behind target by ALOT (Must do better)

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