Saturday, 3 October 2009

Challenge: £5 per day every day till 2010

Ok, going slightly off the original challenge of doubling my money at the moment but i'll try and continue that along side this. I was reading the MoneySavingExpert forum the other day and saw a challenge. Make £1000 before the end of the year by any means necessary. That equates to 92 days if I go from the 1st October. £1000 divided by 92 equals £10.87 every day. Now whilst that I guess is achievable, I don't think I have the self belief that I can achieve this whilst I am working full-time. So i'll scale back the target to something that I feel is achievable. £500 by the end of the year. So that is £5.44 every day till the 31st December 2009.

Ok well it's already the 3rd October so I should be at £16.32.

I found a website called Music Magpie who will buy your old music cd's, dvds or games. They pay anything between £0.30 and £3.00 for a cd. So i've checked the house for music cd's I have not listened to in months, years and lifetimes and have quite a pile. Now they will deduct £0.50 per cd if the disc is scratched, the case is damaged or inlay cards damaged or missing. So I guess those that are scratched its not worth sending or, it is if they are worth more than £0.50. If not try them on eBay I guess.

So I registered 21 cds and for that I have been given a provisional figure of £17.10. I will await my cheque from them.

Date: 3rd October
Date Target: £16.32
Current Balance: £17.10
Difference: £0.78
Verdict: Ahead of Target :)

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